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Frankfurt - Creation & Destruction (Photo series)

locked hopeVisiting Frankfurt, the German centre of finance and commerce, economy and capitalism, where growth is generated by means of loans and credits, dreams destroyed by short sighted decisions of single bankers, all in the interest of quick profit.

In fact a place where creation and destruction are close neighbours. But see for yourself in the gallery.

Sam & Buca - Sinnlos im Pool (Video)

SambucaA magnificently pointless idea, brilliantly realised within 3 hours of filming and 4 hours of editing. Enjoy and have a Black Sambuca on us!!!


Dive instructor's life - Diving Zenobia (Video)

Accomodation deckMost certainly the most prestigous and popular dive site on Cyprus: The wreck of the Zenobia in the bay of Larnaca.
Okay, the previous sentence does lack a verb, but that's quite understandable in regard to the wonders of the "Zen". It is not only a enormous wreck spanning over 172m in length and 24m in width, no, it is also a refuge of miriads of fish in the otherwise extremely overfished waters of Cyprus. In 2003 it was elected to be amongst the world top 10 wrecks by the The Times. Here's a little video I made diving it!

Dive instructor's life - German holiday club

Diving at White Nose looking for my diversWeeeeell, weeell, well. Now this is a very complex topic, full of different aspects, perspectives and attitudes towards the situation.

First of all, one must understand what such a club is like. Basically, any guest arriving, enters an illusion created solemly for the sole purpose of providing the proper setting for a dream holiday full of fun and carelessness. Guests can do anything from sailing and windsurfing, over group fitness sessions, to wellness treatments and massages, pool and sea swimming, water ski and wake boarding, evening shows and musicals, and of course diving. Well possible, I've forgotten tons of other attractions. In the end it melts down to a place that you do not have to leave for any reason, because everything you could possibly ask for is provided on the spot. In short, the perfect place to spend your family holidays and all among your dearest friends, the always happy hotel staff.
Of course there exists another perspective of this dream, the one of the staff members. Here, the dream changes into a nightmare for some and the fulfillment of a life for others. All depending on attitude, humor and intellectual capability of the person in question. In any case, fatigue is an omnipresent symptom.


Dive instructor's life - Senior Frog's, Agia Napa/Cyprus (Video)

Russian girls dancing in front of Senior Frog'sIf you happen to find yourself working in Cyprus, you must visit Agia Napa at least once. Don't misunderstand me, Agia Napa is certainly not in the list of "100-places-you-must-see-before-you-die". However, just as certainly, it ranges in the same league as: Ballermann/El Arenal (Mallorca), Ibiza and Mykonos. A place to be sure of 100% pure, commercial party madness.

The perfect start into an evening in Agia Napa you can find in a place called: Senior Frog's.


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