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Zenobia - Magic of Zen

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Out of OrderDiving a wreck is like treasure hunting.

Diving Zenobia is like treasure hunting in the belly of a monster. There are still so many little things to discover, corners with hidden secrets, the different loads of lorries all over the place: laboratory ethanol bottles, light bulbs, electrical supplies and even bones.Next to the cargo, there are still all sorts of pieces of furniture: carpets and lorry covers hanging from the ceiling, toilettes, control panels and navigation instruments; all there laid out for you to discover and wonder about.

All these objects tell stories of long forgotten plans, maybe commercial endeavours, maybe sunken dreams of a better future, or just the long awaited dream car that never made it. Make up your own story, imagine what that bottle there hanging from the ceiling might have done if it would have fulfilled its destiny, in a laboratory, at home...

Go diving and find out... some in the gallery!

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