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Home >> Europe >> Dive instructor's life - Senior Frog's, Agia Napa/Cyprus (Video)

Dive instructor's life - Senior Frog's, Agia Napa/Cyprus (Video)

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Russian girls dancing in front of Senior Frog'sIf you happen to find yourself working in Cyprus, you must visit Agia Napa at least once. Don't misunderstand me, Agia Napa is certainly not in the list of "100-places-you-must-see-before-you-die". However, just as certainly, it ranges in the same league as: Ballermann/El Arenal (Mallorca), Ibiza and Mykonos. A place to be sure of 100% pure, commercial party madness.

The perfect start into an evening in Agia Napa you can find in a place called: Senior Frog's.

Mr. Frog's place here is hoard of insanity. Some high tables outside are made of solid steal so everybody can dance on them. Right in front of the building is another long and high, bar like table with fixed dancing poles and hanging seats made of steel chains and life buoys. The proper playground for lightly dressed party people. The inside is comparetively small and always packed with wickedly dressed up people in all sorts of colourful shirts, mixed with weird neon sunglasses and outfits with holes in the most impossible spots.

They serve drinks in overflowing buckets with loads of straws (classic, really) and plastic glasses shaped like cocks and dumbbells. The cocks to the ladies, the dumbbells to the gents...
However, the one thing that makes this place really special is the atmosphere, possibly facilitated by those solid steel tables: dancing on tables!!! Everybody does it, everybody loves it and everybody is watching and enjoying themselves. And just as if it wasn't already nice enough outside, the froggy team asks everybody outside to join in the traditional conga line that is rewarded with a free shot afterwards. But hey, check it out yourself:

If you shall ever want to go there, write me and I can tell you more or even join you for a night, if I should still be present.

So nope, I'm not there anymore. Instead I'm here.

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