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Dive instructor's life - Jumpers

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3 jumpers - 1500x750Oh boy, there are days that have their special twist to them. While with some of them you can smell something coming up in the moment you open your eyes, while with others you simply stand up, scratch your balls, brush your teeth, spit in the sink, burp, take a cozy rest on the shiny white throne and simply have no clue of what's waiting for you out there. Last monday was one of the others...

The plan for the day was as simply as to stand up late, eat lunch and drive out to whereever the winds might take us. So, to cut a long thing short, the winds blew us straight to the sea caves at Cape Greko, a truely stunning site. The sea caves are a natural bay, shaped like an arena with arkades on the inside. One of the caves contains water as clear as straight out of a mountain spring. Their roof is about 6 to 7 metres from the sea surface and to some people this distance is extremely tempting...

As you might have already guessed from the "cover picture" these tempted people were three colleagues of mine, a physiotherapist and two cooks. But take a look for yourself!

Christopher, a flying physiotherapist:

Daniel, a falling cook:

Jasper, a diving pastry chef:

Let's make a little vote for the best picture! Add your vote in the comment section below.

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