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Zenobia - Magic of Zen

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Out of OrderDiving a wreck is like treasure hunting.

Diving Zenobia is like treasure hunting in the belly of a monster. There are still so many little things to discover, corners with hidden secrets, the different loads of lorries all over the place: laboratory ethanol bottles, light bulbs, electrical supplies and even bones.Next to the cargo, there are still all sorts of pieces of furniture: carpets and lorry covers hanging from the ceiling, toilettes, control panels and navigation instruments; all there laid out for you to discover and wonder about.

All these objects tell stories of long forgotten plans, maybe commercial endeavours, maybe sunken dreams of a better future, or just the long awaited dream car that never made it. Make up your own story, imagine what that bottle there hanging from the ceiling might have done if it would have fulfilled its destiny, in a laboratory, at home...

Go diving and find out... some in the gallery!

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 June 2013 13:06

Zenobia - Divers of Zen

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1 alien magic - kleinThe magic of Zenobia is transported by the people diving this wreck.

It is the magic of moving within a three dimensional space where your feet are usually limited to the carpet and your head to the middle layer of the room. While wreck diving, these restrictions of gravity are lifted off you, you can move to any direction you might fancy, position your arms and legs where ever you like, be up, be down. All just a matter of breathing and a bit of fin kicking. The essence of freedom, in a space where it was impossible in the past and that is inaccessible to most even today.
Free yourself, DIVE!!!

See divers doing exactly this right here in the gallery.


Illuzion - Underwater Adventures (video)

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crazy badass mixThis is not the first video I have edited and it is certainly not the last, but it is definitely the craziest to this date. Watch it, like it, freak it.

The music was provided by Illuzion, a young upcoming DJ from the States.



Abendhimmel über der Weser in HD

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Noch ein kleiner Timelapse-Film von der Weser. Diesmal ganz viel Himmel mit lauter rosa Wolken. Leider etwas schief, aber das ist ja bekanntlich schön.

Weserabendhimmel (20fps)von hokuspokusfidibus

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 June 2013 21:47

Zenobia - Life of Zen

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faecherroehrenwurm-iiA picture series of impressions from the Zenobia Wreck off the coast of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The start assembles a collection of pictures from animals, sponges, worms and other critters. They were found all over the ship, within the accomodation deck, the cargo decks, bridge, transport shafts as well as outside.

Enjoy the show.

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